Lavender skies and pink clouds

Lavender sky and pink clouds, we float like a prayer in dawn’s beautiful gentle grace~ღ~

39 Comments on “Lavender skies and pink clouds

    • Thank you Holly.I was just thinking about you earlier and then I went to the gym and did come by and say hi. I’m happy you got my heart-message! ❤ Hope your Sunday is going great! ❤

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      • You too. I had a second interview today and I think it went well. I’m one of the final ones they said. I’m sort of tire of doing this 😛 ❤ Have a wonderful evening sweet Holly ❤ xo


  1. Love all your pictures-Meet under the OK Skies is indescribable!💕💕💕 they could get the state over populated by producing this-loved it!!

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