Precious heart songs friend spaces




Laurie just opened the door for me to fly and we did. This precious page from her book, Heart Space Book, Quiet Reflections; From the Stillness Within the Heart, has been a huge part of the heart healing for me~which stuck!

WooHoo, I no longer repeat the same ole’ same ole’, only I can’t say how it happened only that it did and continues to daily!

Tonight I needed some color therapy and I read this quote about being original and authentic and I can’t think of a better way then to share from my heart.  I got out my colors and my sharpie just for you!

Heal ON! We love Hearts! ❤




20 thoughts on “Precious heart songs friend spaces

      1. Well believe it or not she’s with Cody and he takes care of her like I do. I drive her to work everyday. Except today she wanted to drive herself. She’s been practicing! Oh gosh that was nerve wracking. I had to sleep through it. She called me when she got there and I had to act like I wasn’t worried but I was! 😛

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      2. Girl she’s amazing. Her left eye still has vision but we had to get corrective glasses so she could see strongly! She can’t see at night but in the daytime she tried to drive and taught herself how to drive. Her dad is blind in one eye so he encouraged her and wow did that take some faith to not worry myself silly! It’s hard when your babies are take on dangerous frets and you have to stay behind believing and waiting! 😀 😛

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