Misty Morning Sunrise

Misty Morning Sunrise

Just before the dawn

The lazy mist

Is hanging in the trees

I smile at the sweet thought

slowly creeping cross my mind

You are soft and ever gentle 

In my heart 💙

21 Comments on “Misty Morning Sunrise

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    • Oh wow thank you Brenda. Wow I needed that today. Cody broke off he and BB’s engagement. Heavy hearts along with everything else here at my house. Sigh. I’m ready for some goodness. Thank you for letting me know you like my art. 😀 xoxo

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      • That is the sad reality. Family stay and others leaves. He wasn’t family after all. A ring from her mom would be precious indeed. You’re crazy-awesome, MM.


      • That is true. I think I would rathe know early on rather than later. Thank you I think you are crazy awesome too! 😀 The ring says My story isn’t finished yet! With little hearts! xoxo

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      • I wish I was too. I need another kid to shower with all my motherly mothering tips. LOL Alex is funny when she senses that one of her friends is moving in on me she let’s them know I’m here mom. LOL so funny! She asked me to give her friend one of my mom talks to cheer her up and then I said you need a hug and Alex said Mom that’s good I got it from here. I just didn’t know what to say to her. I can hug her. LOL She has a point I can’t really hug well these days! LOL

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