Let the light shine in

Are you going to let the light shine in? I woke up thinking this today. I saw the orange tint the sun makes on my walls from inside my house and when I opened the door this is what I saw.

I started opening the windows and noticed how the room was lighting up.

Window by window shadows and light were cast on the walls inside the living room, which got me to thinking how our hearts can be like my house before the light is shined in.

I woke up feeling today that something good is going to happen and that is such a wonderful feeling. I wonder if I started everyday like this would I feel the same. One things for sure I’m loving the sun and my coffee this morning. Have a beautiful glorious Monday. ~ღ~

42 thoughts on “Let the light shine in

  1. I love this idea, Michelle 🙂 I honestly try to start every day…the moment my brain is stimulated…even before my eyes open…with a positive thought and gratefulness. There is no doubt it works to set the tone for the day. I certainly hope that something good happened!! And if it didn’t yet…IT WILL!! ❤

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      1. Gosh me too! I got another call today from a company I applied to in December. It’s so weird and different looking for a job in 2019. I haven’t had to in 17 years! 🙂 😀


      2. I know Wrangler had been with the same company for almost 5 years. Making a switch was a pain in the rear. Most companies acted intrested but never would call you back. I think it was bigger forces in play because when the right one came along within two hours of sending our info over they said when can you start.


      3. Wow I think you are right about that because I just got a call from a company I sent a resume to in December for an interview tomorrow so we will see what happens. I know what you mean I do thing there are bigger forces at play for sure 🙏


      4. It does. The other company was dragging us down in so many ways. We already give our life away for 5 days a week. We dont need to do it 24/7. They were never wanting us to get home. And our attitudes kept growing worse because of stuff like that

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      1. It’s funny how interviewing and then waiting to hear can msjes us so edgy. I guess we never outgrow that anxiety. I’m sending my best wishes that you get good news! Let me know. ♥️


      2. Oh it’s true. And also wanting to be picked. I try to tell myself it doesn’t matter but it does. Then I remember I’m always choosing them too so it helps! ❤ I didn't hear anything today but got another interview set up so we'll see. Plus I got to talk to one of my old co-workers I was heartbroken and missing them a lot. ❤

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      3. I feel it will work out for the best….never know what’s around the corner. Good luck… I’m glad you got to see one of your past co workers, we really miss them when we leave, or they, a workplace. ❤


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