Words of Amber

Amber art
Art by MichelleMarie

Words of Amber
burn within my heart
this is their home
this is the part
I want to give
but I hold them close
Far too often I offer freely
these precious words then
I realize I need them most
My desire to share
To be known
Led me here
Looking for a home
for my
Words of Amber

29 thoughts on “Words of Amber

      1. Yes, WP is the perfect place for sharing and building up confidence. I have the handle The Reluctant Poet because I had the feeling that I wasn’t really a poet. That changed a couple of years back when a friend asked me to read one of my poems at his wife’s memorial in front of 150 people. After that, I honestly believed I was/am a poet. Your words are meant to have a life of their own, My Dear – let them. Please check out my poem – The Reluctant Poet. Have wonderful day!
        xoxo – 😊💖🌹


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