I never watched a moon set quiet like you

I never watched a moon set quiet like you. Fading slowly out of view. I panicked because I wanted it to last longer than it did. I was talking to a wonderful photographer friend of mine and they said, “Sweet girl don’t you know you saw the setting of the moon?” Something about that moved me deeply because I tried to focus my camera but as hard as I tried, the sweet moon slowly faded out of sight so I kissed the moon goodnight and the sun hello! Sweet Sun and Moon may you always grace my heart with your warmness and love!

15 thoughts on “I never watched a moon set quiet like you

  1. Fading out of view
    Only in this moment
    Yet lingers in the heart

    Beautiful Micki. I’ve enjoyed spending my morning coffee time catching up on your posts… You have brightened my days since the very first time I lingered in your words… Thank you for sharing a part of you with me.


    1. AWE yes Michael that’s exactly how it felt. So happy to see you. I’m thankful for you too! Coffee time is always a beautiful time of my day! So happy you are here and to hear from you I was getting worried! ❤

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