Beautiful dawn

Beautiful dawn outside my back door. Have a beautiful day 🧡

28 Comments on “Beautiful dawn

      • Don’t worry at all. My job and my duties after are occupying me too a lot that I often don’t get to my blog. So, all is well! Have a lovely day, Michelle 💖

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      • OH good. I’m so happy to hear that you are doing well. I love knowing that everyone is still here blogging away! I’m headed over to see what’s up with you! ❤ Much love to you

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    • Hello Dear Holly. I started a new job so it took me forever to get back here. Sorry about that. I hope you are doing well. Sending love and hugs to you 🤗❤️🤗

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      • Thank you. I was asked to try out this job working for an architectural firm in downtown Tulsa. Writing and designing their proposals. Wow what an awesome place. They have 5 offices in the US. I’m just learning the ropes but I love it so far. The best part is we are both seeing if it’s a good fit. I love that part 💜❤️💜🤗

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      • That’s great. Yes, it works both ways. You need to love the work and the workplace! Wishing you the very best! ♥️💚🌺😘


      • Thank you Holly I’ve also been working publishing books on the side which I love doing. I love the printed word still, no matter how much everyone says everything is going digital there are still those that love to hold a book. ♡ ❤

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      • I agree. I have them stacked beside me now ones I read every morning for inspiration. I would never want to be without the printed words. ❤ Happy Sunday to you dear Holly! ❤

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