Front Porch Sitting

Oklahoma skies, Front Porch sitting

Porch Sitting – that’s what I do
Friday, I Porch Sit
Send prayers up to God
I’m thankful for my AWESOME WEEK!
I was Porch sitting on the back porch
Till the reflection on the clouds told me
I needed to be Front Porch Sitting
Wow, I think I should have started
Porch Sitting here tonight

Angel, my sweet dog, is sick 15+
She’s usually excited when I get out the BIG CAMERA
Except for tonight look
Angel is standing in the middle of my Prayer Garden on the Front Porch
Come on back to the Front Porch
Put your camera down friend; this sunset will set regardless whether you capture it or not.
I love how our Best Friends Center Us~ღ

I always take the long way looking for a short cut- only to find out that this place is the best stuff,
Front Porch Sitting with MichelleMarie~ღ~

40 thoughts on “Front Porch Sitting

  1. Wish all the best for for your Angel, MichelleMarie ❤
    One of my two cat brothers left us in June, just before he became 16 years old. By the help of the vet, as I didn't want him to suffer any longer, as he was dying and I wasn't ready either. But realized, it was the time.
    It is never easy to make those decisions.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful views from your porch.

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      1. HUM so maybe this is what Angel has. The vet gave me meds for her stomach so I’m giving her that. Also she said to boil chicken and give her rice! So I’m trying that today! ❤


  2. Beautiful sunset, cute porch. I hope Angel is OK. We do deck sitting. We can’t see the sunset other than changes of light on the garden because of all the trees. We have to walk out to the levee along the river at a spot with no cottonwoods to see the sunset on the horizon.

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    1. I just took her to the vet last week and she said Angel is doing good for 15+. She gave me pills to help her when she gets an upset stomach.

      I love that you guys take walks every night and sit outside like I do. 🙂 I appreciate you!

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      1. It’s true. I’m so thankful and there’s this one friend she’s been in a season of loss. Thank you for praying for Angel. I prayed for her tonight. I was thinking about when I used to run and when she couldn’t run anymore, I stopped and started walking, then when she couldn’t take long walks, we started wandering around the yard. I’m thinking maybe I should have wandered more. I keep asking myself why I pushed so much for so many years, to only see I should have slowed down. I think our best friends show us these things as we can receive them, maybe. Thank you Tim for being here!

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